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We carry out deals between shareholder managers of SMEs wishing to sell their company and strategic, industrial, financial (LBO) or managerial (MBO) acquirers.


We accompany shareholder managers in the sale of their company for amounts ranging from 3 to 20 million euros. We accompany them in the initial reflection process in order to define together the objectives of the transfer, the timing, as well as the type of ideal buyer for the company according to the expectations and personal objectives of our client. 


We also accompany family business whose parents wish to transfer the business to their children, paying particular attention to maintaining the good atmosphere and fairness within the family.


We are particularly specialized in business transfers to industrial groups for strategic acquisitions. Our extensive experience in this type of transaction is a real added value for our divesting clients. We understand, identify and highlight the main rationales of the acquisition for industrial groups and are the interlocutors of choice for boards of directors or internal merger and acquisition committees.


We have a track-record / recognized experience with industrial and international counterparts such as European or American leaders in their sector: PGS (France/Europe), CATALENT (USA/World), RTK (Germany/Europe), AIRBUS (Europe), EASYFAIRS (Belgium/Europe), ROULARTA (Belgium), GSK (UK, World), ETHIAS (Belgium), etc.


Our management team also has experience in mergers and acquisitions for large international groups such as the American strategy consulting firm Bain & Company (Boston, USA). Our most experienced collaborators have already carried out missions for groups such as HOLCIM, ORANGE UK, MARS/MASTERFOODS, CHIQUITA, BAT, LUMINUS, ISABEL but also PRIVATE EQUITY companies and VENTURE CAPITAL funds.


The impact of the strategy on the valuation and the probability of success is particularly important during a sale / transfer operation. In this context, EKKOFIN excels in strategic planning to create value for the target company and the shareholder.

As a true orchestrator and project manager, we lead the entire process:

  • Strategy: challenge, definition and priorities

  • Business planning

  • Marketing documentation

  • Communication and highlighting

  • confidentiality agreement, process and conventions

  • realization and management of the data room

  • counterparty research

  • coordination and management of audits

  • financial arrangements (LBO, MBO, etc.)

  • negotiation and closing

We coordinate all the parties involved (tax experts, auditors, real estate experts, IT experts, lawyers, etc.) in order to maximize the chances of success of the operation. 


Our "One Stop Shop" approach guarantees you a multidisciplinary team that has a global vision of your company: its activity, its organization, its capacity to adapt and its maturity. 

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