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Our experts intervene on specific transactions in transmission: valuation, due diligence, structuring...  They are involved in these operations as interim CFOs when they are part of the company's organization, or they come to reinforce our M&A - Transmission team when the deals become more intense.


Experienced Finance Directors and Field Managers, they reinforce or lead internal accounting and finance teams. We set up and systematize reporting processes, generally quarterly, in order to provide management with a vision and tools to steer their company.


Generally, we set up a budgetary process and a 3-year financial plan (minimum) which will then be followed, compared and commented on, for the Management Committee in which we generally take part. 


Our certified fiduciary subsidiary can also manage the accounting, and provide resources in accounting secretariat and experienced accountant in order to maximize the business use of legal accounting. Our accountants also take care of corporate housekeeping, legal formalities and all tax matters.


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