We offer tailor-made support to create or optimize your digital tools . ERP, accounting management software, Reporting tools, Infrastructure, Cloud, network management, an e-commerce site implementation, IT equipment management, ...


Our experts, acting as IT manager or coordinator, identify, coordinate, and implement the IT and digital solutions adapted to the needs and budgetary constraints of the company.  


Our “One Stop Shop” approach guarantees you a unique interlocutor who has a global vision of your company: its activity, its organization, its adaptability and its maturity.  


We offer you technologies adapted to the evolution of your needs and integration capacities. Your contact is an expert trained in the latest technologies adapted to the SME market.


Free yourself from IT constraints, Ekkofin IT offers you tailor-made support to create or optimize your digital tools.  


Thanks to our experts offer a friendly environment to your customers to exchange more quickly  

  • Manage your orders  

  • Customer portal 

  • Showcase and online catalog 

  • B2B - B2C 

Our experts manage all of your internal IT equipment for you  

  • Local network pc / server / firewall 

  • Internet wifi and cable 

  • Printer 



Digitize your IT with our Cloud solutions for any business size  

  • Telework 

  • Single or multi users 

  • Data backup 

  • Accessibility 

Ekkofin Support


Keep a constant eye on the key indicators of your company  

  • Financial 

  • Operational 

  • Dashboarding 

  • KPI 


Equip your teams with efficient tools to optimize their daily work  

  •   ERP 

  • CRM 

  • Accounting  

  • Planning