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We organize fundraising from 2 to 20 million euros for innovative start-ups and scale-ups with ambitious growth plans. We study and energize the strategy and develop the business plan together with the management team.

We determine the financing needs, look for investors (industrial, institutional or private) and negotiate the terms of the deal. 

We offer customized support to evaluate, analyze and optimize the company's valuation.  Multi-criteria valuation analysis, scenario-based business plan, asset valuation method, historical and forecasted valuation, discounted cash flow or multiples method, we set up a continuous monitoring of the company's valuation in order to boost value creation and challenge strategic decisions.

We propose strategies agreed with your teams and adapted to your organization as well as monitoring tools tailored to your reporting systems. Our experts are trained in the latest collective intelligence methodologies that they practice on a daily basis within the consulting firm. As specialized strategic and financial advisors, they master the most recent methods of evaluation and valuation of companies.

We also intervene at the bedside of companies in difficulty in order to find urgent financing solutions to overcome the crisis and redeploy the activity. We accompany companies undergoing restructuring that have the potential for reorganization and future sustainability. Our track record and network of trusted financial partners allow us to have a major positive impact when the company can be saved. 

We are not afraid to take on very complex operations where pragmatism, experience, determination and creativity make the difference. 

As a strategic partner and sparing partner, we take charge of the operation from A to Z:

  • Strategy: evaluation, design and optimization

  • Business planning and evaluation of the need with scripting

  • Marketing documentation

  • Communication and marketing dynamization (digital)

  • Confidentiality agreement, processes and conventions

  • implementation and management of the data room

  • coordination and management of audits

  • financial arrangements (LBO, MBO, etc.)

  • negotiation and closing


​We coordinate all the parties involved (tax experts, real estate, IT, auditors, lawyers, etc.) in order to make the operation a success. 


Our consultants, acting as valuation experts and strategic value creation coaches, coordinate the entire process of analysis and value creation and adapt to the needs and budgetary constraints of the company.

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