"Helping the entrepreneur creating value".


"Strategic reorganization for value creation", this could be defined in a few words as Ekkofin's core business.


We offer an integrated vision of strategy, finance and business valuation.


Design Sprint, Strategic Marketing, Collective Intelligence, etc. 


 Our experts intervene in specific transfer operations: valuation, due diligence, structuring... 
Experienced financial directors and field managers, they reinforce or lead internal accounting and financial teams. 
Our certified fiduciary subsidiary can also manage accounting, legal and tax formalities.


We carry out deals between company owners and buyers (Transmission) or investors (Fund raising).


We take care of simple or complex operations of between 2 and 20 million euros involving one or more partners. 
We manage the entire process from A to Z. 


We offer customized support to create or optimize your digital tools.
Our "One Stop Shop" approach guarantees you a single contact who has a global vision of your business. 
Our experts propose technologies adapted to the evolution of your needs and your integration capacities.