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"Strategic reorganization in the service of value creation" , such could be defined in a few words the Ekkofin's core business. 

It is not a question of settling the accounts, or disguising the bride, our intervention is intended to be deep and structural . The impact of the strategic missions carried out in symbiosis with the top management of the company, is decisive for the creation of entrepreneurial value of all the protagonists of the Company (shareholders, managers, employees, suppliers, customers).  

We offer an integrated vision of strategy, finance and business valuation . We put in place a strategic and financial process based on deep strategic thinking. We usually start with a blank page, an intuition, a forward-looking vision of the leader / source person of the company.


We challenge, question, offer innovative solutions based on the latest methodologies. In order to propose a strategic plan which will then be scripted, tested, and validated through the creation of a financial model, making it possible to assess the impact of this strategic plan on the company's finances, as well as the creation of potential value (cash flow planning, need for funds, future valuation, ...)


Our experts are trained in the most recent strategic thinking methodologies : Design Sprint, Collective Intelligence, Shared Governance, Decision Support Analysis Matrix, Canva Business Model etc. Our experts analyze, compare and challenge the thinking on the level of Strategic marketing, Business model, etc.   

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